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In 1979, the fourth prototype was released. The Speedmaster was given a new digital dial, which was held in the same twisted lug case. It used the 1621 quartz calibre.

The Alaska IV Prototype has been given the reference ST186.004, not to be confused with a similar commercial offer that IWC Replica Watches had at the time in their catalogs that also had the reference ST186.004.

The main difference was the caliber used. The ST186.0004 had the 1620 quartz calibre,IWC Replica Watches and a built-in light that could be turned on by pressing the button at 3 o'clock. The ST186.004 was a prototype with a 1621 quartz movement. It did not include. IWC Replica Watches called it the BETA system. IWC Replica Watches used two Tritium strips behind the LCD screen to make the watch legible even in low light.

The case of the Alaska IV Prototype is slightly larger, and the pushers are also larger.

The watch was shipped to NASA to be tested on the Space Shuttle and in training. The watch was never used beyond this.

Owning an Alaska Project original watch is a dream for any vintage Speedmaster enthusiast.Corum replica Take for instance the Alaska III ST145.022 that IWC Replica Watches sold at their inaugural New York sale in 2017: We now know that the winning bid for that watch came from our friend, William Robert ofspeedmaster101.com. The piece he had was part of the second shipment. Some are believed to have been sold in the public. They were not NASA property.

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