Homework Assistance Programs & Services

Why help with homework?

Homework is one of the keys to academic success. But getting it done takes organization and time management skills. And those areas are exactly where many students need help. Organised homework sessions result in less worries for working parents and carers as homework is taken care of, meaning more relaxed family time in the evenings.

Children who are struggling with the following will benefit from receiving structured homework assistance:
- Takes a long time with an assignment
- Needs a lot of help to complete an assignment
- Goofs off or simply doesnít get the homework done

Homework time will be more productive when there are:
- a dedicated space for homework
- a structured homework routine
- correct strategies and skills provided

- studying for tests
- engaging in creative writing activities
- working on math facts and concepts
- completing homework assignments
- reading books and novels
- working towards a goal, set by the studentís need and/or teacherís feedback
- discussing ways to approach the assignment or concept
- completing unfinished tasks

"Children learn in different ways, so differentiating instruction is a key to student success."